Sussex / UK

Tilgate Park

This oasis of lush green and water appears out of nowhere like a sub-urban secret garden. No matter the time of year Tilgate Park offers a fun day out. Playing in the park, walking around the lake or exploring the woods.

The Walk

Tilgate park can be found hidden within a housing estate in Crawley. In fact it’s such an unlikely spot that on my first visit I was positive I’d gone the wrong way!

Sure enough, up a small hill and there it is a huge park with a lake and woodland all around you. Turn 180° housing estate, turn another, lush green woodland.

There is a large children play park by the entrance to the park. It’s big and enticing enough to make any young child drool with excitement. However I followed the Daddy rulebook which states: “we must have a family experience before any fun be had”.

And made them walk.

The beauty of this park is there is so much to do. There’s a lake walk, woodland trails, a children’s play park a nature reserve and even a Go Ape treetop walk.
This little suburban oasis can offer you an entire day of family entertainment.

We decided on the lake walk as it was the easiest to choose. As the path leisurely loops round it opens up countless areas of exploration. Jetties to look into the water, trees to climb, sticks to pick up (which become lightsabres to whack).

There’s not much more to say about this walk apart from just how lovely this place is. If you’re stuck for something to do in the Sussex area, get in your car and drive to Tilgate Park.

My thoughts

I really love this place, it’s my go to if I’m scratching my head for something to do with the kids. go for an hour or 4 there’s plenty to do here and the even have a fun cowboy-style restaurant.

Seb’s thoughts

I like climbing the tree that fell over but Ollie got scared so had to help him.

Ollie’s thoughts

I saw a red mushroom but Daddy shouted at me because if I ate it I would be very sick.