Surrey / UK

Reigate Hill

Quite simply one of the best panoramas in Surrey. Hidden at the top of a tiny lane; this walk offers changing terrain and incredible scenery. Even if walking is not for you, I can't think of a better picnic spot for a sandwich in the Surrey sunshine.

The Walk

It’s worth noting that the journey begins on Wray Lane. A little, bumpy, tree-enclosing one-way road leading up to the top of Reigate hill.

A small entrance presents itself to the left with a modest car park and dainty cafe. I’ve driven past this many times, never knowing that this was the start of one of the best walks in Surrey.

The walk begins on a small dirt lane. This tree covered lane breaks open along the way showing snippets of open fields, British cottages and even a fort!

Yes there’s a fort. Reigate Fort is great for any budding historian or youngsters who like “Horrible Histories”. Built in the 1890s as part of the defence line against the French, this National Trust treasure offers some great and gruesome stories.

Continuing up the lane it breaks open to display the incredible panorama of Surrey. There are few finer spots for a picnic in this area. Be aware, seeing this first hand, this is no place for ball games. This is, after all a hill and a big one. Although not dangerously steep a ball will (and did) get away from you and it’s a long way down and back up again :-).
From here you could simply walk back, content with your sandwich filled tummy. However for you more adventurous types there are lots of paths and trails to explore.

Our journey took us into the woods and unfortunately a little too close to the M25. Although it was pretty, the sound of Britain’s busiest road overwhelmed the woodland tranquility. There are many trails to choose from, my advice would be, if the sound of cars gets too loud, find a trail that leads away.

Great for walkers, picnickers, dogs and cyclist; this area offers as much or as little as you want with the bonus of unbeatable views. An extra bonus is the return to the car park, rewarding you with a selection of ice-cream and an OK cup of tea.

My thoughts

Exceeded my expectations and I still long for those panoramic views and will definitely be going back. If you’re walking with a buggy be aware that some of the paths can quickly and steeply go down hill.

Sebastian’s thoughts (12yrs)

I want to bring my bike next time