France / Haute-Savoie

Mt d’Arbois

The St Gervais region of the French Alps sits just north of the ever-white Mt Blanc. With an offering of peaks to climb and hikes to discover, you are never without a jaw-dropping view.

The Walk

Mt d’Arbois is the peak which sits directly above St Gervais. Walk straight up and that’s where you’ll get.

This walk begins at Bettex, a mid-way stop between the resort of St Gervais and the top of the mountain. It meanders it’s way to the top but instead of coming back, we decided to go over the other side and head down to Megève.

NOTE: Unless you want to hike back up the mountain and go home this walk requires someone to meet you in Megève.

The walk begins along the winter cross-country ski piste which make’s it’s way to Megève. Or the Route du Bettex as it’s actually a road in summer (the latter is not as exciting).

The path forks in the ever classic choice of “to take the high road or low”. The low I think takes you the long way around the mountain (I’ve not yet done it but I’m pretty sure). While the high, as I’m sure you can guess, takes you up the mountain. We took the high.

The path is steep but takes you on a lovely mixture of terrains. Through cow fields, thick wooded areas and ski-pistes (or fields as their known in summer).

The top of Mt d’Arbois offers incredible panoramas of the valley. Mt Blanc is unobscured by any other mountains and looks down on you in a domineering yet beautiful way.

There are a number of ways down to Megève I chose the almost as-the-crow-flies route. It is steep. It is long. In fact this part of the journey was far harder on my legs than the climb up.

The views are just as stunning and offer another valley for your eyes to wonder over as you make your way down to the town.

Megève welcomes you in a romantic fashion. Embracing you like a 19th Century explorer and placing a cornucopia of bars and restaurants and your feet.

A lovely end to a walk especially if there’s someone there to meet you and drive you home 🙂