France / Haute-Savoie

Les Communailles

A fun and leisurely walk around the mountain. This mini hike is great for kids; it guides you through woodland and fields, fauna and flora. There a plenty of things to do along the walk and it ends at one of the most beautiful restaurants in the area.

The Walk

Our walk begins in the mid-way station of Bettex. There are places to park, a small play area and a number of restaurants. Making sure the little ones have that essential pre-walk pee break.

There are literally paths in every direction of the mountain, and one in fact that we explored in the walk to Mt Arbois.

Most of these walks aren’t for small children as they tend to ascend quickly and steeply. A sure fire way to get the moaning started early. However there is on walk, one of my favourites and it’s the beautiful meander to Les Communailles.

The road to Les Communailles leads away to the left from Bettex. It hugs the mountainside and in an instant presents you with an incredible vista. The valley which continues down while Mt Blanc towers above you. You will say something poetic and awe inspiring to your children who will reply (heads down) with a courtesy grunt of acknowledgement.

I understand now that this is fine. Since this walk they have told me that they remember the cows and goats, walking through forests and fields reminiscing the day with utter glee.

This walk offers all the above which is why it’s so much fun for children. The landscape changes frequently enough to keep your little ones occupied and away from too much moaning.

Once you get to Les Comunailles there are a few options. If you’re feeling adventurous you can continue to walk along the path and head up the mountain for some bonus views. If not, or your little ones are indeed little, then there’s the brilliant Alpage. A restaurants which serves amazing food and jaw-dropping deserts which will make you the best parent EVER!

I don’t like walking back the way I came. I have always preferred loops. In this case, however, the walk back offers a totally different perspective and almost feels like a whole new walk with new things to discover.

Overall this is a fun walk, great for kids and offers one of the best restaurants in the area as a reward. A great day out 🙂