Sussex / UK

Lancing Ring

A hidden woodland oasis. Explore small secluded paths then rise above it all to see a beautiful, westerly coastal view.

The Walk

This little and hidden forest walk is one of our favourite and most regularly visited spots.

Situated in the north of Lancing, it’s easily accessible from the A27 and there’s handy parking too.

From the car park there are many ways to enter the ring. We usually take the main entrance into the forest. From here the possibilities are endless. A veritable web of paths, criss-crossing each other lead you through every nook and cranny of the area. Some paths lead you down into the valley, while others lead you up into the larger forest.

With every path you go down it doesn’t take long for a fork to present itself. Offering two, three or more directions to wonder to and explore. Our family often let the kids decide which fork to take and what journey to go on that day.

There are some destinations too. Follow one path down the hill and it opens up into a field with steep sides which leads to a small play area for kids.

Follow another leading into a dense forest where you navigate through prickly bushes and duck under think branches.

Or follow the paths up the hill through the forest to the open fields and beautiful views of the coast disappearing off to the West.

From here you can even keep walking and connect with the South Downs Way.

The beauty of this area is that it can offer a new experience every time you visit. It’s not a huge trek or hike but you can easily loose a few hours meandering in and out of the forest.