Herefordshire / UK

Hergest Ridge

Deep in the heart of the Herofordshire hills, this wonderful loop from Kington boasts 360degree panoramas of England and Wales.

The Walk

There is very little to say about this walk apart from it’s sheer stunning scenery.

The loop begins in the quaint town of Kington and leads up the hill until the road runs out and the bridleway begins. Breaking through the trees, the trail starts to show a cheeky trailer of some of the views to come.

As you climb, those views just get better and better. To the east the hills roll away over the English countryside and to the west you have the snow-peaked hills of Wales.

One of the most fascinating features of this walk, found at the top of Hergest Hill, is a small group of monkey-puzzle trees. They come out of no-where and stick out like a sore thumb and yet offer a strange and enjoyable focal point.

The walk heads down into the beautiful village of Gladestry. A small village pub will greet you with beer, sandwiches and welcome pause.

Leaving the village and heading back, leads you up a very steep path, where some might need a break as you climb.

The path leads slightly south and creates a loop back to the start of the bridleway, passing hay-bailed fields and a working farm.

The fresh crisp air combined with some of the best scenery our country has to offer, makes this walk beautiful and returnable.