Sussex / UK

Easter at Wakehurst Place

Get lost in a world of flora within this endless maze of botanical beauty. Twinned with Kew Gardens, this National Trust site offers a different kind of terrain than it's London counterpart. With steep hills, flowing streams and high views, the experience is congenital and adventurous.

The Walk

Firstly, as this is a National Trust site, there is a payment of £12.50 per adult (circa 2018). Although I try and find walk that are free, I think Wakehurst Place is an excellent spot for any adventurous walker. There’s just so much to see. In fact in our, just shy of 3hour visit I only think we saw a third of the site.

If you’re a lover of plant, in fact even if you’re not, Wakehurst has some amazing attractions. There’s the Millennium Seed Bank, where you can learn about the plant conservation project. The Elizabethan Mansion to explore and an array of designed landscapes.

We saw very little of these as we were here during the Easter bank holiday for the Wakehurst easter egg trail!

This is a great event they put on every year. It costs £4 per child but it’s totally worth it.

You start at the Millennium Seed Bank where they give you the activity sheet. The sheet consists of 10 numbered empty boxes. Each person has to follow a trail leading you around part of the gardens and find the “Easter Trail” marker points.

At each point there is some interesting information about where you’re standing and a symbol for you to copy down onto your activity sheet.

The trail takes you around the gardens and gives the kids (and adults) some interesting facts about the plants.

Once complete, you head back to the Millennium Seed Bank to receive your prize. But there’s one more hurdle. You’re presented with a code to break. The 10 collected symbols on your sheet act as a codex to use and complete a sentence with missing words.

It’s all very simple but actually lots of fun 😀

By this point if your children are anything like mine their eyes are already on the prize. The earlier, and quite possibly smarter, children are running around wielding chocolate eggs. Trying to decipher a code was very much left to Mum & Dad.

Still we had lots of fun and managed to make them walk around some beautiful gardens.

I will do another walk, in the summer where we explore the whole gardens in more detail.