Sussex / UK

Bluebell Walk, Arlington

The blooming bluebells present an idyllic and serene snapshot of British springtime.

The Walk

The Sussex bluebells are said to bloom around the end of April and only last for a few weeks. This small window of time transforms the British countryside into a sea of violet-blue. This breathtaking sight presents a quieter, simpler time and truly marks the start of spring.

We chose a bank holiday in May to set out and venture on this walk. Although most of the weekend was beautifully sunny, this day was the only one which was wet. However this isn’t a problem. The canopy of the trees provide a lot of protection from the rain and as long as you have something relatively water resistant on you should be fine.

It’s important to note that this walk is NOT free! For a family of up to 4 kids it will cost £12 at the time of writing this. This was a surprise and although I reluctantly paid it goes to help the running of the farm and the upkeep of the walk, so it’s for a good cause.

The walk is open everyday from 10:00 – 17:00.

The walk begins at the farm where there is a large cafe for pre or post walk scones, sandwiches and sundries. Once you pass the gate into the forest, that’s pretty much it! It’s going to be quite a short article but essentially there are a myriad of paths to follow which intertwine with each other. They do offer you a loose route to follow if you want however there’s something calming about letting go and simply wander.

The forest paths take you through trees, over rivers, around ponds and past lakes. Throughout the changing landscape of the walk there is this constant carpet of blue which follows you around like a loyal friend.

That’s it. Spend as little or as long as you want in this maze of violet-blue and simply get lost in the tranquility of it all.

My thoughts

This is not challenging in any way, and won’t leave you feeling like you achieved something. But that’s not the point of this walk. It’s about just having a nice time.

Anna’s thoughts

I think it’s a great family walk anytime of year. Lots of different routes to get lots on. Good info points and trails for kids to complete activities on, so more interesting for them. (They had sheets for bigger kids) there is enough tree cover that even on rainy days it’s a nice walk. Lovely shop and cafe at the end to reward yourself, and bribe the kids. 🙂

Oliver’s thoughts

The goat was climbing on the fence and then he jumped down, it was funny and I liked the baby chicks.