Sussex / UK

Beachy Head

On a beautiful day this tranquil and quintessentially British coastline is breathtaking. Boasting stunning views and a wonderful symphony of colour. The green of the countryside and the bluest of seas, sliced in half by monolithic white cliffs.

The Walk

Important note! This walk has an unfenced cliff edge with a lethal drop. It is NOT suitable for small children or anyone prone to darting off for whatever reason.

This is a straight forward back an forth walk along a cliff. To one side the open sea and the other the undulating hills of the Sussex countryside.

The weather was beautifully sunny and dry but with a chilly wind.

Although quite an easy walk, the undulating terrain provides some nice inclines to climb.

The walk mapped out starts at the Birling Gap and walks along the cliffs to Beachy Head. This route took a little over 2 hours with no children so if your kids are anything like mine add another 45mins. Although we chose a back and forth route, there are a myriad of connecting footpaths to choose from. Allowing you to create any number of alternative routes and lengths of hikes.

The area is quite literally begging for exploration.

From the Birling Gap the path takes you up an incline and you’re rewarded with instant views. The walk continues up to the first peak, which atop sits the Belle Tout Lighthouse. This discontinued lighthouse is now a quirky guesthouse. I can only image what incredible morning views you’d get staying there.

The path continues to roll up and down the cliff edge offering a different perspective at every peak. At Beachy Head you’re presented with an almost aerial view of Eastbourne and a handy pub.

The pub (of the same name) will reward you with a craft ale and good food. It’s quite big inside but cosy at the same time with lots of views to look at while eating a hearty lunch.

The walk doesn’t change terrain, offer woodland to explore or include any challenging sections. With the many paths that lead away I’m sure you could find a walk which does and we will certainly explore this.

I tend not to go for walks which go back on themselves, for no other reason than it feels like you’ve already done it. This walk, however didn’t make me feel that way at all and I enjoyed the walk back just as much.

The beauty of this walk is not in it’s diversity of terrain. but rather the ever changing and stunning, 360 degree views.

My thoughts

Beautiful, beautiful walk. One to blow out the cobwebs and have you gawp at the gorgeous scenery. The cliff edge would make me wary to bring small children as some sections drop straight off to the rocks below… quite scary.

Anna’s thoughts

Be careful on the day you choose to go on as if the weather was really windy or nasty, it would make this walk quite harsh.